Thursday, 15 June 2017

Dear Families,

Umm, how many teaching and learning days do we have left?!  Wowie, time sure flew by!!  I feel like I just arrived at Nottawa, truly!  It's really been a great experience and I look forward to many more years as a Nighthawk!

Father's Day:
Happy Father’s Day on Sunday to all the wonderful Dads out there!  I hope you enjoy quality time together as a family.  Your child is so excited to give Dad the personalized card and letter that they created. Each student worked so hard on this during the past week.  I am so proud of their final products and I am confident you will be, too.  

Thank you to all the families who provided a photograph of Dad to glue on the t-shirt, it turned out adorable :) I was delighted to see and hear about my students special bond they share with their father, they lit up telling me about some of their favourite memories!  

Here are a few pictures of the Father's Day cards that students made ...

Tate & Hunter:
Congratulations to Tate and Hunter for competing in this year's area Track & Field meet at Stayner Collegiate which took place on Tuesday.  They did their best to make not only our school proud, but more importantly, to make themselves proud by stepping outside their comfort zones to achieve new personal records.  Upon their arrival back to school, I chatted with them both and could see and feel their school pride.  Way to go boys!

Wesley & Hunter:  
In more track news, congratulations goes out to Wesley and Hunter for their amazing finishes in the 800M race.  Jack Shaw 1st, Wesley McMillan 2nd, and Hunter Wilson 3rd!  I tried to compete versus these boys during a gym class and let me tell you, they zoomed past me and left me in the dusty trails (haha).  Here I was thinking I was in shape, not compared to these guys ;) I’ll try again next year, though! 

Talent Show:
Has your child signed up for the talent show?  There are auditions happening and if students are interested, they are encouraged to sign up.  Practices will happen during Break times with Ms. Stewart.  Good luck to Hannah W. and Isla as they do their best to display their love and skills with the recorder!!  They're diligently practicing every spare moment they get :)  Their commitment is inspiring!!

Poetry Cafe Note:
This coming Thursday (22nd) from 11:45 - 1:00 pm, we will be inviting families and friends into our learning community for our Poetry Cafe celebration.  Please ensure you sign into the office and make your way to the library. Your child will be eager to see you!  We appreciate you taking the time out of your busy day to join and celebrate with us.  Please have your child dress up in Canada Day attire (red and white) and any other special touches you may have to honour our great country!

Responsibility Assembly:  
Our final Character Recognition assembly will also be next Thursday, but during Period 5 and 6 which is 1:45 pm to the end of the day.  Join us if you can!  It will also be our final spirit dress up day.  Students are encouraged to dress up for Canada Day to celebrate our country's 150th!!

Jump Rope for Heart:
Thank you to the families who raised pledges (see picture below) and supporting this much needed cause.  Mrs. Shaw and her Spirit Squad worked hard at preparing this event at our school and her efforts are really appreciated!!  During Period 3, students from K-8 were outside to participate in a variety of skipping activities.  Everyone was enthusiastic, engaged, and excited!!  Thank you Mother Nature for holding off on the rain.  Everyone's hearts were pumping and we had a blast!  Here are a few pictures from our jumping events :)

Experimenting with Spinners:
We have been spending time on probability which the students are loving as they get to make spinners, do experiments with them, and play fun games!  We are sure to always communicate our thinking in our math journals to demonstrate our understanding.  A key component in math is being able to show your thinking using pictures, numbers, and words.  I think most of us are on the right track with this and by utilizing teacher feedback, improvements are being made :)

Growth Mindset:
“It’s NOT about being perfect.  It’s about trying your BEST.” - Brock

Miss Gill

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