Friday, 30 June 2017

Dear Families,

Here I am writing my final blog update for our 2016/2017 school year.  It is with mixed emotions that I write this post.  I am happy to have completed this year seeing all my students diligently grow academically, socially, and behaviourally.  But, I am truly sad that our time together in our learning community is complete.  I will miss each student as they have in their own way brightened my heart and soul with their smiles, enthusiasm, and respect.  Each day I was greeted with warmth and positive energy.  I truly am the blessed one!  

I would like to thank each of you (parents) for all that you have done this school year to continually support your child in each and every thing that they participated in (E.g., paying for numerous field trips, the many parent volunteers giving their time on field trips, home reading, word study homework, extra math practice homework, spirit days, Poetry Cafe, and the list goes on).  As a teacher, I can honestly say, I could not have done it without you!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart! 

Ready for SUMMER!!
I want to take this final opportunity to wish you all a happy and safe summer holiday!  Enjoy and seize every moment you can with your dear child!  I will miss them greatly!!!  Take care and keep smiling J See you in the fall everyone!

Poetry Cafe Testimonial:
I don’t know about you, but I’m still beaming with pride and joy for my student’s outstanding performance last week at their Poetry Café!  I received some heart-warming remarks from some parents, students, and staff about the wonderful presentation.  It was a true reflection of how brilliant the hearts and minds are of my students!  Thank you families for being part of this celebration and providing the nutritious and delicious treats! 

"Reflecting on the amazing production of poetry appreciation your class performed last Thursday ...congratulations to ALL!  The whole school should have the opportunity to see you perform in a very professional way.  I have witnessed every student's increased appreciation of the arts this year and with this year and with this interest and confidence, there will be good things to see next year. Wishing all a happy, healthy summer."  - Ms. Sharon Stewart

Fun Fair Sponsors:
Our annual Fun Fair was an amazing event this year and we wanted to thank everyone for all the positive feedback, especially about the all-inclusive wrist bands and the BBQ.  We would like to send another BIG thank you to our sponsors that helped to make this Fun Fair AMAZING!!  

Many thanks to:
Garbutt Construction DKI – Full- Service Restoration Company, Langford Contracting, LumbarJACK Tree Service, Georgian Bowl, G. Patten Carpentry, Batteaux Kitchens, Eclips Hair Salon, Abbey's Sweet Treats, Scenic Caves, Bellbrae Animal Hospital
Greenhawk, Kells Service Centre, Paula's Pantry, D and L's Family Variety, Dornoch Tap and Grill, Head over Heels Gymnastics, Boston Pizza, Pie Collingwood, Rusty's at Blue,
Kidding around Indoor Playground and Parties, The Candy Factory, Minds Alive, Kennedy Orchards, Duntroon Highlands, Cranberry Resort – Livingshore Spa, Batteaux Creek, McKee Tirecraft, Graphic Wearhouse, Spa Lumina, Sobey's, Metro,  McDonald's, M & M's, Ice River Springs, Tim Hortons

Congratulations to all our Grade 8 graduates!  I had the pleasure of coaching some of the girls in intermediate basketball.  It was a fantastic season as we won the area tournament and received a banner!  I’m so proud of Leah F., Lean D, Hannah O, Peyton S., Maisy, and Lauren M.!  A fabulous group of girls who not only display exceptional basketball skills, but also have tremendous character off the court.  Good luck in your high school endeavours!  

I attended the graduation ceremony Wednesday evening and it was wonderful to see everyone “dressed to the nines!”  Our 8’s looked so beautiful!  As I sat admiring everyone, I couldn’t help but think about my students (your child) getting up on stage for their graduation!  I can’t wait!  I know, I know, we still have a few years left don’t we J haha.  It will be a precious moment and one I’m very much looking forward to!  It’s been an amazing year watching each learner grow to their full potential!  They are truly ready for the next grade level J  

Report Cards:
This week, students received their report cards and as always, I like to reinforce that for me, it is not solely about the ‘marks’ or ‘level’s,’ but an emphasis on celebrating students’ strengths and next steps.  We all have areas which we excel in and things we need to continue to work towards.  I am proud to say that each student this year displayed their personal best and it has reflected in their growing character.  Many of you know how important character and values are to me as I believe this is what will take you further in life …always be a respectful and supportive person!  It takes patience and practice, but if continue to work towards this, we will lead a happy and healthy life for all to enjoy! 

Below are pictures of students completing a self-assessment for learning skills.  I hope you enjoyed reading these with your child.

Talent Show:
Congratulations to ALL the talent show performers!  I was in awe of the many talents shown!  Nottawa is filled with amazing students – wow!  In particular, I would like to extend a HUGE congrats to the participants from our class, namely Lola, Katelyn, Alexis, Hannah W., and Isla.  You girls did an outstanding job and displayed your extraordinary skills in singing, dancing, and playing the recorder.  It takes a lot of courage to get up in front of the whole school.  You did it with such grace and gentle confidence.  You made our class family so proud!!  Way to go girls J

Teacher Gifts:
To all my families, thank you for taking the time, energy, thought, and love to give me a year-end gift.  I am so moved by your generosity and caring hearts!  I will cherish them all, and please know, I will always fondly remember your support.  It has meant the world to me!  My connections with my students' parents/guardians is something I truly value.  I could not have made the progress in your child's academic, social, and behavioural learning if I didn't have you every step of the way - thank you, thank you!!

Growth Mindset:
“BE YOU!  Everyone else is taken.” - Tristan

WALT "We all learned this year ..."
Namaste & Respectfully Yours,
Miss Gill

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