Friday, 16 December 2016

Dear Families,

Winter is officially here!  With the colder temperatures, I am pleased to see that most of my students are dressed cozily and warmly with winter attire (E.g., toque, gloves/mitts, coat, snow pants, neck warmer, etc…).  I am encouraging families to please have your child put in their backpacks an extra pair of socks and mitts/gloves just in case because I have had a few students come in from fitness breaks feeling wet and damp from playing in the snow.  Thank you for your cooperation in this matter!

Bus Cancellations:

We have already had our first and second snow days this week, wowza!  I have had a few parents ask me this so I would like to clarify on here, too.  Please know that if we experience bus cancellations on a particular field trip day or in class visitor that the field trip/visitor will also be cancelled.  I will always do my best to reschedule the trip for another day if I am able to.  Thank you :)

Artist Visit:
Due to the snow day on Monday, we had to postpone our artist visit.  It will now take place on Monday.  I know a lot of students were disappointed, but we will make up for it next week!

Holiday Concert:
Thank you to all the staff, students, and families for attending and sharing your smiles during our heartfelt performances (day and evening show).  It was a true joy seeing Kindergarten to Grade 4 students perform with such enthusiasm, poise, and spirit!  A special thank you to Mr. Morin our music teacher for organizing and teaching my students Jingle Bells on the recorder and singing "When Christmas Comes to Town."  My class is certainly surrounded with beautiful musicians and singers!!

Empathy Assembly:
Next Friday, we will be celebrating this month's character trait - Empathy!  A reminder that our class will be performing a song and slideshow for this assembly.  You are welcome to attend and show your support.  It will take place during Period 1: 9:00 - 9:50 a.m.  It is also a spirit day, so students are reminded to wear their comfy, cozy PJ's!  

In your child's agenda bag this evening, you will find a speech package in there.  Many students are eager and excited to get a start on this writing form.  I wanted to send this along well in advance too so students have the opportunity to work on their speeches over the holidays.  They will be due mid January.  This is not solely a home project, I will be providing some class time on this as well.  I am encouraging students to use their writer's notebook for their brainstorming, rough drafts, and then use their google docs for the published (good copy) piece.  Students should begin thinking about generating a speech topic and do some research to get information.  Have fun with this boys and girls!
Speech Package
Thank you to all the Nottawa families who have donated items for our food drive thus far.  Keep those donations coming!  Together, we can make a significant difference in the lives of others.  A huge thank you to Jack's family for donating 3 bags of food items.  This is a true example of Empathy, thinking about the feelings of others.

Spirit Squad Fundraiser:
Our spirit squad has set up a fundraiser for students to have the opportunity to show an act of kindness by giving a pencil-gram to someone they care about.  Students who wish to participate in this may do so on Monday and Tuesday as the gifts will be delivered on Wednesday. These pencil grams will be fifty cents each!  Thank you for supporting our school's spirit squad!

Supporting My Friends' House:

Santa leads the Way to Empathy

Who better than Santa to understand the feelings and needs of others? This month the character trait is Empathy. To help reinforce this trait, we are asking the children to think about others, especially the people who may be visiting My Friends' House (Womens’ Shelter) this holiday season.

Santa will be visiting our school on Fri. Dec. 23rd during the first fitness and nutrition break (10:40 – 11:20am).

We are asking students to bring in one donation for My Friends’ House from the wish list below.  All items must be new and unused. Children who support “My Friends’ House” will get the opportunity to give their donation to Santa.  

The following is a Wish List from My Friend’s House:

Paper Products:
* Toilet paper
* Paper towels
* J-cloths
* Scrubbies
* Garbage bags – big green & small white

Children Program Needs:
* Art and craft supplies – tissue paper, construction paper, white paper, paints, stickers, glue sticks, pencil crayons, markers, notebooks, journals

Household Needs:
* Laundry detergent (unscented)

Thank you for encouraging your children to be kind, caring, and empathetic students who are making a difference during this holiday season. Happy Holidays!!

Growth Mindset:
"No better you than the you that YOU ARE!"
Miss Gill

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