Friday, 9 December 2016

Dear Families,

It's been a snowy blustery day out!  I hope you're keeping warm and cozy; hot chocolate by a fire would be ideal!  Mmm, toasty!  I'm happy all students arrived safely to school this morning as the roads were icy.  Have a beautiful weekend with your loved ones!

Artist Visit:

Your child may have informed you already last evening, but we had to postpone our artist visit today because Sean unfortunately has an ear infection and is spending the day resting.  He will be here on Monday though from 12:10-3:15 pm.  Students are looking forward to it as am I!
IMPORTANT Holiday Concert News:

REMINDER:  The Concert will be taking place next week on Wed. Dec. 14th.  Parents are welcome to attend our day or evening performance.  Students are asked to dress in their favourite holiday outfit on this day emphasizing the colours red, white, and green.

Morning Show:  @ 11:20 am
Evening Show:  @ 6:30pm (students are asked to be here by 6:15 pm in my portable)

Our class been working hard in class to prepare for this performance!  Please remind your child to practice singing the song “When Christmas Comes to Town,” the Polar Express version.  It is very important that they are familiar with the lyrics as they will be singing this with Mr. Morin on the 14th.  Check us out below during rehearsals!

Here’s the link for the song we're doing:

Empathy Assembly Fri. Dec. 23rd @ 9:15am:

It's an exciting month of performances!  Perhaps your child has already shared with you that our class is leading the Character Education Assembly for Empathy which will be held at 9:00 am on Dec, 23rd. ALL parents are encouraged and welcome to attend!  Mark it down in your calendars. We have been diligently rehearsing in class, but I would appreciate also if students took initiative to practice at home as well so they are familiar with these lyrics and their parts for the drumming. Thank you in advance for your support.

Here's the link to the song we're doing:


In Thursday's gym class, we had the pleasure of inviting Tom from Mr. Plater's class to join us to teach the rules of cricket.  Many students are fond of Tom as he has a kind, caring, and supportive nature. He did an excellent job of teaching and organizing a mini game for us.  We will miss him when he goes back to Australia in January.  His time here in Nottawa has been wonderful.  Thank you Tom for your leadership and expertise in cricket!

A Message from Monsieur Smith (Gr. 4's):

Dear Parents and Guardians,
Bonjour!  My name is Mr. Smith and I am your child’s French teacher.  Since I arrived in October, it has been a very positive start and the students have all demonstrated a keen interest in learning the language.  We have been learning some basic vocabulary and useful expressions in French including: how to introduce oneself, the days of the week, numbers to 10, how to describe the weather and express how we are feeling.  We have also recently been looking at how to describe some of our interests.  In the next few weeks we will be focusing mainly on vocabulary for the coming holiday season and how to describe colours and clothing.   I am happy to be working with you and your child and look forward to a positive and successful year ahead!  Should you have any questions or concerns at any time please do not hesitate to contact me.  

Kind regards,
Mr. Smith

Growth Mindset:
"You are PERFECT the way YOU are!"  - Jakob
Miss Gill 

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