Friday, 19 May 2017

Dear Families,

It was great to be back in my classroom this week!  Although, I did enjoy my time off as I got a lot of house chores completed, I missed my students tremendously and was excited to hear all about their experiences with Ms. McCarl from last week.  Everything went well and I am grateful to her for all her efforts and being such a kind, caring, and compassionate teacher in my absence.  My final lieu day is June 16th.    

Since I was away, I wasn’t able to write a heart-felt thank you for Mother’s Day to all the Moms of my students who continuously provide their child with the love and caring to help them thrive in their Grade 3 and 4 school year.  Your ongoing support for your child and my teachings is cherished.  Thank you for warmly welcoming me this year, it has meant the world to me.     

I hope you enjoyed your Mother’s Day with your family!!  The letters that students wrote to their Moms came from their heart and I know how excited they were to give you this note of appreciation.  The bond between a mother and her child is truly one of a kind!  I admire, respect, and am inspired by all the mothers out there who consistently demonstrate and share their strength, dedication, and unconditional love for her children.  I am fortunate that I have been blessed to have a mother who has been the ultimate role model and who has been there for me always.  Thank you Ma for all that you do, ALL THAT YOU ARE!

My brother Anil, Ma, and me!

This is my Ma!  62 years young!
I also want to wish you all a happy and safe long weekend!  I have already heard some of the neat adventures my students will be partaking in, such as camping, going to the trailer, cottages, etc. Have a blast with your child and I look forward to hearing all about it come Tuesday!!  I will be spending my long weekend outside doing much needed yard work and taking lots of hikes in the sunshine!

School Track & Field Day:
On Wednesday, grades 4-8 participated in our school track and field meet.  It was a beautiful day for students to compete in various events to build upon their skills and set goals for themselves. Congratulations to ALL participants on a job well done and for stepping outside their comfort zones. We had various students in the class achieve ribbons!  Way to go!

Grade 3 Field Trip:
Yesterday, the grade 3's went on their field trip to learn all about life in the Pioneer days.  They had a wonderful time and made candles, butter, dressed up, and even experienced what it was like being a student at that time. They came back to class saying, "Miss Gill, teacher's were really strict!!"

Thank you to Hannah W.'s mom for volunteering your time and energy!

Nottawa's Newest Members:
Cheep!  Cheep!  Cheep!  This week, we had an exciting event happen with the arrival of our baby chicks in the library!  Students and staff could be heard ooo-ing and ahhh-ing as these cuddly, fuzzy cuties chipped their way into our world.

Thank you to the Green family for donating 18 fertilized eggs.  We were fortunate to hatch 11 of these!  If you were able to watch the Live Feed via our school website, you know exactly what all the excitement was about!  I kept this live feed on in our class during our lunch hours so students could see the hatching occur.  AMAZING!!

Medieval Times:
Last week the grade 4's went to Medieval Times for a field trip to learn all about the Middle Ages. Although I wasn't able to attend, I heard everyone had a great experience!!  Thank you to our parent volunteers Mrs. Noseworthy, Mrs. Reck, Mrs. Wilson, Mr. Eden, and Mrs. Murray for accompanying our class on this trip.  Ms. McCarl said that you were an excellent help in organizing and ensuring our students were safe.

In writing, our new learning goal will focus on Poetry.  Please see picture below for specific learning goals and success criteria.  Students will be exposed to and learn about various types of poetry.  I have attached a link below as well that your child may wish to visit over the weekend! We will be taking a closer look at this site next week as we dive further into our lessons.

So proud of you Tristan and your achievements in Toronto!  Your peers and I were beaming with pride for YOU!

Growth Mindset:
"Go with the F-L-O-W."  Brock
  Miss Gill   

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