Thursday, 13 April 2017

Dear Families,

I would like to wish you all a Happy Easter with your family and friends!  As many are aware, it is Good Friday tomorrow (no school) and Easter Monday (no school), so students will be back to school on Tuesday.  Some have shared with me their favourite Easter traditions that they partake in with you. Enjoy these heartwarming activities with your child and I look forward to hearing all about them next week!    

Happy Easter:
Thank you to Isla, Hannah N., and Hannah W.'s families for providing some delicious treats today! This was oh so thoughtful of you and I know the students enjoyed these very much as they devoured every last kernel and smartie! 

Thank you to Jack for taking initiative and a leadership role to help Riley who is in Gr. 3 who needed help with his Extra Math Practice homework which focused on division. This is one of the many reasons why I love teaching a split grade because my older students can mentor my younger ones and gain these leadership qualities.  This being said, there have been many incidents when the 3's have been mentors for the 4's. Our class is certainly filled with bucket filling students!!  Thanks for ALL that you do boys and girls!

In math, we are wrapping up our division and multiplication unit, but this does not mean we won't be revisiting and practicing these concepts as it will be reinforced again in "Brain Breakfast" questions. I encourage students to continue working on their facts in their spare time so they become more efficient with them!

On Wednesday, students completed a math journal entry consolidating their learning with the 4-Block Problem Solving Method.  I was very impressed with how far some students have come with their organization when given a math problem.  It was up to them to record their thinking and strategies in their journals which is comprised of lined paper.  They did well communicating their ideas and not just solely giving me the answer because we have learned that math is much more than just getting the right answer, it’s all about the process – show your work!  Check it out!   

Artist Statement:
Students have been working on an artist statement to accompany their provincial bird art piece which we'll be displaying for the Art Expo in May.  Take a moment over the long weekend to access your child's google doc. and have them read it aloud to you to make any necessary edits. If it is completed, please print it off and bring to school next week so we can attach it to the art piece.  Thank you in advance for supporting your child in this art initiative.  

Magic of Children's Art:
I was delighted to hear about various students experience they had at the awards ceremony last weekend.  Jack, Hannah N., Isla, and Hannah W. had fun not only admiring their pieces and their peers, but also seeing one another!  Thank you for attending and representing our school.

I would also like to personally thank the Magic of Children's Art committee for providing each student with a gift bag of art supplies!  Wow, you all went above and beyond for us.! We appreciate you taking the time to honour each child and celebrating art in our amazing community!!  

Brock & Jack Sharing:
On Monday, Brock enthusiastically shared his karate achievements and he even taught us how to count to 10 in Japanese!  This then got me thinking about sharing how to count to 10 in Punjabi which is a language I speak at home with my Ma.  So I did, and I think the students were intrigued by this.  We talked about the value and importance of knowing more than one language and how it can open up opportunities for them as they get older and think about jobs.  Tate then shared about his family trip to Ottawa and mentioned how a man spoke to him in French and he was able to respond because he's learning it well with Mr. Smith.  How neat :)  Thanks Brock for sharing your medals with the class, it opened up a very wonderful discussion.

On Tuesday, Jack came to class with a zip lock baggy filled with photographs of his excursions in Jamaica with his family.  The pics turned out beautifully and we could see and feel your excitement in them!  I've never been, but when I spoke with your Mom about it awhile back, I heard great things about this island!  I'm so happy you enjoyed your time and have made such wonderful memories that'll last a lifetime!

Field Trip Permission Forms:
Today, I handed out two permission forms to help reinforce our social studies learning.  
The Gr. 4's will have a field trip to Medieval Times which will take place on Tues. May 9th. Please note the departure and return to school times which vary from the regular school day.  
The Gr. 3's will be going to the Simcoe County Museum to learn about Early Settlers on Thurs. May 18th.  Please sign and return permission forms at your earliest convenience.  Thank you!

Elmira Poultry Fundraiser:
These forms with payment are due as indicated on the school website by Tuesday April 18th. School cash is available until April 17th til midnight for payment.

Family Yoga Night:
On Thursday April 20th, our school will be having a Family Yoga Night which will take place in our gym from 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm.  A flyer about this event will be sent home in the agenda on Tuesday - stay tuned!  Thank you to our school parent council for organizing this amazing evening! 

In gym class, I have been introducing the students to various yoga poses (see yoga cards below).  Yoga is a big part of my Mom’s life as she is an instructor and we have a studio in our basement, so I’ve been exposed to yoga for quite some time and think it’s wonderful!!  Students can visit the GoNoodle website and access awesome yoga exercises in a meaningful and FUN way under the category called ‘Empower Tools.’  We’ve used it in class so they should be familiar.  Give it a try J

 Growth Mindset:

Miss Gill

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