Friday, 3 March 2017

Dear Families,
Happy March!  One more school week until the Break.  It's been a whirlwind of temperature changes hasn't it?!  We're back to winter again!  I hope you enjoy the weekend with your loved ones spending time outdoors in the snow. Bundle up and seize every moment as life is truly a gift!  

The Lion King Jr.:
On Tuesday, students from K-8 had the pleasure of seeing the Lion King Jr. performance at the Gayety Theatre.  It was a remarkable musical put on by the students of Admiral!  I was in awe of the talent from students and staff alike.  Congratulations Admiral!!  Thank you for celebrating the arts in our community.  I know this experience has inspired others to explore their talents in music, dance, and drama and share it with others.

Nordic Highlands Trip #3:
Since the warmer temps melted all the snow away up in Duntroon when we visited, we didn't have the opportunity to XC ski or snowshoe, but we did partake in some meaningful lessons for our social studies and science learning, namely mapping and survival needs.  The instructors are knowledgeable and engaging in their lesson delivery and always provide FUN follow up activities that help reinforce concepts learned.  

In the morning, we were taught about the basic needs of survival such as you need water, food, warmth, and shelter.  The main focus of the lesson was on shelter building.  Tania a former teacher from Mountain View did an excellent lesson on this (see photograph below).  Proceeding this, students went into the woods, got into groups, and began their journey in building shelters using materials from their surroundings.  Let me share, this task was not easy, but each group used a vital learning skill - collaboration to help them persevere with this challenge.  They worked together to get the job done!  I was in awe of their creativity, determination, hard work, and not giving up!  The shelters turned out amazing!  I could see and feel the pride of each group as they shared their creations with the whole group during the consolidation part. 

In the afternoon, we came inside for a lesson on mapping with Neil.  Students learned about the parts of a map and how to read them.  They were put into groups and had to use a map to find various symbols around the property.  It was a great way to see students once again collaborate and use their individual strengths to complete the task.

Our next trip will be on Wed., and hopefully the weather will cooperate and we get in our final ski and snowshoe!  We are so fortunate as a school to have had this experience and I know the students have thoroughly enjoyed it thus far!  Thank you so much parents for providing this opportunity for your child through your online payments.  It means a lot!

Artist Visit:
Guess what!?  Ms. Sharon Stewart will be visiting our classroom for more art fun this Tues.!  We are a blessed bunch to share and engage in her passion for the arts!  Our art will once again be focusing on celebrating Canada's 150th as well as learning about the provincial birds. Stay tuned to see what we creatively come up with :) 

Hannah W.:
I would like to take this opportunity to wish Hannah safe travels on her adventure to the Cayman Islands with her family!  We will be thinking of you and miss your bright, beautiful smile!  Have a wonderful trip!  See you after the March Break, Hannah.  Say hello to the sunshine, beaches, and warmth for US!

Growth Mindset:
“At the end of the day, people won't remember what you said or did, they will remember how you made them feel.” - Maya Angelou

Miss Gill

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