Friday, 17 February 2017

Dear Families,
I hope you have an enjoyable Family Weekend!  It will be amazing to have that ‘extra’ day off on Mon. to spend quality time with all your loved ones.  I do my best to appreciate and value my time off with those that I care deeply about.  Here are some of the activities that I hope to get up to with my family and friends - go out for dinner at one of my favourite restaurants in Collingwood, trek through the woods on my cross country skis, drink delicious lattes by the fireplace, and get in as much relaxation as possible.  Wishing you all a tremendous weekend too with your dear child.  

Celebrating Valentine’s Day:
On Tues., we celebrated Valentine’s Day with our class community.  Thank you families who took time, energy, and love to purchase cards, gift bags, and yummy treats for all of US to enjoy!  I was deeply touched by all the gifts I received too, it meant a lot to me!

In class, we discussed the importance of demonstrating kindness, caring, and love in our daily actions!  We all agreed that we must celebrate LOVE (not just on Valentine’s Day) all year around, it is what makes the world brighter and beautiful.  I am a fortunate one to be surrounded with such loving students who care and are kind to one another.  It was heart-warming to watch your child give and receive unconditionally.

Grade 3 Bowling:
The Grade 3's had an absolute blast celebrating Valentine's Day at the local bowling alley.  This is an annual tradition which they all enjoy!  Thank you to the primary division for organizing this event for the children, it was a memorable experience.

Grade 4 Field Trip:
As part of our Physical Education (Active Living), Science (Habitats & Communities) and Health (Healthy Living) learning, our class is participating in various activities up in Duntroon at Highlands Nordic.  I am so delighted we are having this experience as it is purposeful, meaningful, and FUN!  Many snow-shoed and cross-country skied for the first time, it was a highlight seeing some of my students stepping outside of their comfort zone and persevering with these challenging activities!  I love sport and the outdoors, but I have to be honest, skiing and snow shoeing are not something that I have a lot of experience with so I found myself having to step outside my comfort zone as well.  I think this was a blessing in disguise as students connected with me, and we all persevered as a team!  Here are a few pictures of our Nordic FUN!

REMINDER: Our next trip to Highlands Nordic is this coming Tues. after the Family Day long weekend!  If you can, please provide your child with extra socks and mitts/gloves as we are outside all day and want to ensure students are warm and dry.

Magic of Children's Art Show:

Visit the Art Show from Mar. 4th - Apr. 28th: 
Bring your family and friends to see the show during regular library hours!!  You can admire your child's art work displayed along with their peers and other children's art from area schools.  It is a spectacular display honouring the magic of childrens' art and one you must check out if you can!!

Library Hours of Operation:
Monday to Thursday: 10:00am to 9:00pm
Friday: 10:00am to 8:00pm
Saturday: 10:00am to 5pm
Sunday: 1:00pm to 4:00pm

Report Cards:
This evening your child will have brought home their Term 1 report card.  I thoroughly enjoy writing these as it gives me the opportunity to intently reflect and think about all the wonderful achievements your child has attained!  We all have next steps, including ME, and I have stressed to the children that it is important to remember to celebrate ALL their achievements and that we always strive to reach our individual potential.  Goal setting is another important aspect of our learning and I had them set goals for the next few months.  Take a moment this weekend to ask them what their individual goal(s) is.  One more term left, I can't believe I'm writing this!!  Time flies when you're having FUN!!

Growth Mindset:
"Dream B-I-G!" -Tate
Miss Gill

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