Friday, 20 January 2017

Dear Families,

I hope everyone remained safe with the icy road conditions we had earlier this week and had a wonderful time with loved ones finding ways to enjoy the fresh air all bundled up cozily.  One of these days, I’m hoping to go back to Nordic Highlands in Duntroon to go cross-country skiing.  I’ve gone in my past and thoroughly enjoy this activity!  When I taught grade 4 in New Lowell a few years back, I took my class there to learn this sport. It provides a challenge, amazing exercise and enjoyment in the great outdoors.  I love it!  I am excited to share with you that the grade 4’s will have this opportunity coming up in February.  Stay tuned for permission forms with dates!  Don’t worry grade 3’s, we have something special lined up for you too in February!  I am optimistic, the 3’s will get this trip opportunity next year when they’re in the junior division :) 

Snow Days:
Here is an interesting and informative read that I wanted to share in case you were wondering about what the process looks like and sounds like for calling a snow day.  Check it out :)

Speech Presentations:
Despite having two snow days, the moments we are at school, we certainly get back in the swing of things with our learning. There were many instances that I saw your child quietly working at their desk practicing their ‘speech.’ I am just so proud of their efforts for putting in their Level 4 personal best! Similarly to last week's post, I would like to again take this opportunity to extend my gratitude to all the families who assisted their child in preparing for their first speech experience, it certainly is paying off!  This was very evident as we listened to 10 students present their speeches wonderfully yesterday!

When your child was not presenting, he/she was responsible for providing ‘feedback’ to his/her peers to help their peers' achievement. The students are becoming very aware of acknowledging ‘stars’ (things done well) and goal-setting ‘arrows’ (next steps to improve upon). We will be wrapping up our speeches next week, and I will provide my ‘feedback’ the following week.  Good luck to the remaining presenters!  This has been a great experience for everyone!

Jack's speech about his trip to Jamaica 
Marissa's speech about The Great White Shark
Graydon's speech about Dirt Biking
Hunter's speech about the GREAT ONE - Wayne Gretzky
Alexis' speech about her family trip to South Carolina
Kevin's speech about his dog Piper
Wesley's speech about Luxury Cars & Nathan's speech about Advertising
Brock's speech about Magladon Sharks
Magic of Children in the Arts:

Magic of Children in the Arts is providing a FREE art workshop at the Collingwood Public Library. PICK YOUR DATE!
  • Sat. Jan. 21st 
  • Sat. Jan. 28th 
  • Sat. Feb. 4th
  • Sat. Feb. 11th
  • TIME: 1pm-3pm
Call the library front desk 705.445.1571 to register.  Open to ages 4-13 years old.
Below is a useful link to check out for more details about the arts at the library!!

Artist Visit:
I am pleased to announce that we will be having another special guest artist visit in our classroom at the end of January and in February to provide a lesson for students in support of the Magic of Children in the Arts.

I have known this artist and retired teacher for many years.  In fact, she was my librarian when I was a student at Connaught.  Her name is Sharon Stewart, and she is a very kind hearted, passionate, and creative artist and educator.  Ms. Stewart will be visiting our classroom on Jan. 31st and Feb. 7th.  I know the students will learn a lot and ignite their artistic skills!

Honesty Assembly:
Just a reminder that our next character recognition assembly will be taking place on Thurs. Jan. 26th during period 3 beginning at 11:20 - 12:10pm.  All families are welcome to attend.  It'll be a fun one as it's a spirit day as well.  Students are asked to dress in their favourite Sport's Jersey!! I'm a huge sports fan, so I can't wait to wear mine!

Farewell Tom:
Yesterday was Australian Tom's last day with us at Nottawa Elementary.  Tom was a very well-liked and admired young boy.  He is a kind, respectful, and caring student and peer whom will be missed greatly from all staff and students who got to know him.  I would like to personally thank Tom for willingly coming in for our gym classes to teach us the fundamental skills in cricket. Thank you so much for offering your time and expertise with us.  We wish you safe travels today as you journey back to your beautiful homeland, a country/continent I hope to visit one day!  All the best in your future endeavours.  We will fondly keep our memories with you sealed in our hearts!

Tom's best friends Tate, Wesley, Brock, Graydon!!
 Growth Mindset:
The purpose of human life is to serve, to show compassion, and the will to help others.”

Miss Gill

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