Thursday, 3 November 2016

Dear Families,

I hope you had a wonderful Halloween celebration on Monday!  Many shared their enthusiasm with all the fun they had with their family and friends!  We took this enthusiasm straight into our learning all week long!  You'll see below :)

Writing a Halloween Recount: 
Students are currently working on a writing piece about their Halloween to recount this event in sequence and detail.  We have written a rough draft in our language notebooks, and are using the Chromebooks and google docs to type and publish this writing for you to soon see!  We will be spending more time on this in class, but I am also encouraging students to access their google drive and work on this document at home too using your devices!  Look at all the students below diligently working and oh so engaged!

Halloween Pictures:
Thank you so much to Jack's, Tate's, and Brock's family for sharing their Halloween photos with us. Check them out!!  Looking spoooookay boys!

Tate, Wesley, and Graydon
Character Recognition Assembly:
At our spirit assembly on Monday, we celebrated Jack and Marissa for consistently demonstrating Cooperation in their thoughts, words, and actions!  You two are excellent models for 'WORKING TOGETHER TO GET THE JOB DONE!'  Thank you for setting a positive example in and out of the classroom!  Here is a picture of our cooperative recipients.  Well done, Jack and Marissa!!

Halloween Celebration:
Thank you families for taking the time, energy, and loving thought to provide some healthy treats for our Halloween PARTY!  We appreciate and devoured the goodies, YUM! Also, a thank you to ALL students who showed their school spirit by dressing up in BLACK, ORANGE, and PURPLE! Check us out!

We're spooktacular!

Below I have posted math links that I've shared in class to help reinforce our learning from this week. Have your child visit these sites over the weekend.  I have introduced data management which focuses on students learning about creating and interpreting various types of graphs, namely a pictograph. We will be creating these graphs in our math journals as well as learning how to make graphs in our google drive accounts using a google spreadsheet.  The Grade 3's have a head start on this as they have been working with Mrs. Johnson on this already during their EQAO prep in the library.  They'll serve as models for our Grade 4's and help guide them. Amazing!!

Pictograph Links:

Yesterday, we had a student from Mr. Plater's Grade 4 class visit to ask us her survey question. She asked:  What do you do to help save the environment?  Here is a peak at her survey question and chart she made to help her collect the data.  Students were inspired by their peer and will take this model and use it to begin creating their own surveys, charts, and graphs in the coming days!

If you'd like an early start on this, have your child create his/her own survey question, make a chart, and collect the data from family members and they can then bring it to school to survey their friends in class, too!  I'd like to thank Graydon, Jack and Isla for already taking this initiative for starting this process at home!
Way to go, Isla!
Way to go, Jack!
Success Criteria:
Success Criteria is another word for a checklist.  These are designed to help students monitor their learning by allowing them to know exactly what they need to include in their work to achieve a level 3.  If they go above and beyond the criteria they can achieve a level 4.  

We have a "bump it up wall" in our classroom for each level.  See photograph for the sayings!  Some students even know the level sayings by heart :) 
By using Success Criteria, we will be learning how to evaluate our work and identify our strengths (stars) and next steps (arrows).  We will use success criteria in all subject areas and learning skills to help students know what they need to do to succeed.  

See an example below.
Learning Goal:  We are learning to show data on a bar graph.
Success Criteria:
____  My graph has a title
____  My graph has a title for the x axis 
____  My graph has a title for the y axis.
____  My graph has an appropriate scale.
____  My graph has labels.
____  My graph has neatly coloured bars to show the data.
____  My bars (data) match my tallies

Every day after second break, we do what is called D.I.R.T.!  It stands for 'daily independent reading time.'  It is an opportunity for students to read for the love of it!  I have encouraged students to choose a "just right" book that is of interest so they can work on continuing to develop their fluency, comprehension, and love for reading!  It is a peaceful time in our day where I get to see, hear, and feel the students read with their mind and heart.  I also take this time to conference with several students and offer support where needed.  

Junior Basketball:
I am proud of all the students who were involved in this year's team!  As some families know, I am a huge basketball fan as a former player and now coach!  I love helping children develop their skills both on and off the court.  I so wish I could have seen my students who were involved in yesterday's tournament!  I know they had a positive experience with playing their best and having fun!  That's what it's all about :)  

Here is a picture of the boys on their way to Stayner to participate in the tourney.  Thank you to the parents who volunteered their time to drive our students to and from the games!! Your efforts are appreciated!!

Check out our primary choir!  Thank you to ALL who are participating.  You sounded beautiful as I walked down the hallway on my way to lunch.  Thank you to Mrs. O and Ms. Stewart for giving their time, knowledge and expertise to provide this experience for our students!  I know the ones in my class who are involved are enjoying this very much!

Random Act of Kindness Day Fri. Nov. 4, 2016:
On Monday at our assembly, the spirit squad shared the video link I've posted below.
Take a moment to view it and ask your child the following:

  • What acts of kindness did you see in the video?  
  • What acts of kindness can you do at home? At school?  

Yesterday, we re-watched it and discussed the importance of consistently showing kindness in ALL our actions EVERYDAY and to PASS IT ON.  As a family, you'll enjoy this powerful video and song message too!

"Together we can be the CHANGE we wish to see in our world."

Think, Feel, and Be KIND everyday!
Growth Mindset Quote:
"Our Class Promise - Today, I will be the best person I can be.  I will respect myself, my teachers, and my classmates.  I will speak kindly to others and include them in my work and play.  I will listen with my eyes, ears, and heart.  Today, I will make good choices and I will make a DIFFERENCE.  This is who we are even when no one is watching!"

There are actions that go along with this Promise.  Ask your child to model this for  you :)

We say our Promise each day after the announcements to set a positive tone in our thoughts, words, and actions.  I am pleased to say that various learners take pride in this and do their personal best to follow this expectation.

Miss Gill

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